Patricia Lattanzio
Patricia Lattanzio
Member of Parliament for Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel
Vaccination rollout

Canada will receive more than 8 million doses by the end of March, as well as tens of millions of additional doses between April and June. In total, we got more doses per capita than any other country. We are definitely on the right track to have enough vaccines by the end of September for every Canadian who wants to be vaccinated.

In the east of Montreal, the main vaccination site is the Olympic Stadium which can receive 4000 people per day at the moment. Other sites will be established as needed. To make an appointment, please visit the following website: You can also call 1 877 644-4545 for assistance. For your appointment it is necessary:

It is possible to have an attendant with you on site and volunteers are present to welcome and guide people with reduced mobility while the attendant parks the vehicle. Wheelchairs will also be available.

The vaccination rollout will follow three stages:

Stage 1 priority for early COVID-19 vaccination should be offered to groups who are:

These groups include:

When enough COVID-19 vaccines and supplies become available to stage 1 groups, stage 2 should offer vaccinations to:  

As supply increases and people in previous stages have been offered vaccines, stage 3 should offer vaccines to:

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